Baseball season is upon us already vent-sound-effects-45625

For those of us who are still feeling smothered by March Madness, I hate to break it to you but it’s baseball season again folks.  I know it’s un-American to dislike the favorite pastime, but I absolutely cannot stand baseball.  I hate watching it on TV, hearing it on the radio and watching it in person.  I can only stand to go to a game if I plan on eating a hot dog and drinking a beer, but then I’m so pissed that I have to pay $100 to do it that the rest of my evening is shot.  If I had a closer view of some of the players I might be able to enjoy it a little bit more!  Sorry Sophie!!

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My motivation for going to school….

mountainsBesides being able to provide a better life for my beautiful little six year old daughter, I’ve wanted to live in Colorado for the cooler temperatures all of my life.  Now that I’m older and hopefully wiser, I also want to move there to appreciate the scenery, and of course, any view of a cowboy would be a extra bonus!!  I constantly search the internet for images of Colorado for inspiration, and I even have several boards on Pinterest dedicated solely to Colorado and all things cowboy!  It’s bordering on obsession.  I’ll admit it.  Okay, it’s way past obsession.  But in my defense, I lived the first 40 years of my life not having any idea at all on what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Now that I have a structured path all worked out, it really feels good to know what I want to do for a living and where I want to do it.  I hope to live the next 40 years of my life (God willing) without a single regret and make up for all the regrets I’ve lived with so far.

My dream would be to live in a place where I have a small piece of land for horses, and the view from one side of my house would be of the mountains every single day.  To open my windows and sleep silently in the peaceful quiet of nature and the birds singing would be heaven.  Fresh clean air and motivation for my daughter to want to run and play outside and ride horses and not even remember what it means to sit and play on an iPad for hours at a time.  That’s why I go to school at age 42.

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Training school staffers with weapons to protect our children


It’s being tossed around the media that the NRA is suggesting we train and arm the staff at schools in order for them to protect our children in case of an emergency.  How do you feel about this?  As a Mother, I think it’s a wonderful and smart idea.  As a pro NRA female, I also think it’s wise to arm ourselves to protect one another from the growing trend of lunatics shooting up area schools, businesses, churches and movie theaters. 

If this is going to continue happening, and obviously it is, than I personally feel it’s better to be safe than sorry.  I’d rather feel protected than terrified.  I think if the staff at a grade school or high school is prepared and trained in protecting our children and their co-workers, it may discourage future attacks on our schools, and prevent mass carnage unlike what we’ve already witnessed with Columbine and Connecticut.  We need to stay current with the way the future is headed, and unfortunately, adults and children meaning to do harm with weapons seems to be an issue we are going to have to deal with-whether we like it or not.

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Teen gets maximum sentence in St. Louis knockout game case | St. Louis

Teen gets maximum sentence in St. Louis knockout game case | St. Louis. Do you believe a one year sentence is enough for teen who assaulted an innocent bystander in March, 2012 in the “knockout game?”  Should stiffer laws be created to dissuade youths from violent random attacks on unknown individuals?

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More shoppers reporting credit card fraud at local Schnucks stores | St. Louis

More shoppers reporting credit card fraud at local Schnucks stores | St. Louis. Beware if you have been shopping at a local Schnucks store recently.  The Secret Service announced it will be checking into Schnucks third party vendor hired to process debit and credit transactions for foul play.  Shoppers are encouraged to check their statements daily if using a Schnucks grocery store to stay on top of any illegal transactions they are not aware of.

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US Catholic Church a $170 billion business- MSN Money

US Catholic Church a $170 billion business- MSN Money. Now that there is a new Pope at the Catholic helm, do you believe there will be any crucial changes made within the organization?  Many on the internet believe Pope Francis will continue the path of morality that prior successors have continued.  Should be interesting to see what if anything will change.

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Dennis Rodman in North Korea…what could go wrong??

Will Dennis Rodman bring more than basketball diplomacy to North Korea? – NBA News | FOX Sports on MSN. Speechless on this one folks….

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