About Me

I’m a Junior at Webster University in Saint Louis, Missouri studying Journalism and Photography.  I’m obsessed with cowboys, bull riding, rodeos, and living in a state where all of these are plentiful!!!

Hoping to move to Colorado after graduation and land a job with the PBR-Professional Bull Riders.  I’d love to spread the word about the PBR and help it become as popular as baseball or football.  Since so many states aren’t privy to bull riding competitions, or only offer them once a year, I have quite a challenge ahead of me.  But I’m confident that once a future fan recognizes the athleticism, strength, camaraderie, excitement and toughness that comes with being a bull rider, a new respect will emerge and new fans will pop up everywhere!

I’d also like to start a magazine or website that can reach a broad audience and allow me to bring this other world to people similar to me who have so much to learn about the sport and this remarkable world of the true cowboy that actually does exist outside of Saint Louis!

As I delve further into my studies, I’m developing an interest in video journalism, and learning about the many aspects of news reporting.  I’m excited to learn more about editing, writing, designing graphics and audio when compiling my stories.



One Response to About Me

  1. dusterduck says:

    G’day Amie
    Thanks for dropping by. Sounds like you too are blessed to be working in the areas you are passionate about. Because of severe flooding around here we’ve had to cancel the Country & Western service but we’re hoping to get the PBR guys back in the future. God bless you, Cowgirl up and keep the brands hot.

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