Facebook Home app-Is it really necessary?

I was just reading about the new Facebook Home app that’s available, and it got me thinking. When we already have Facebook, and for that matter, every other social media application available to us, why do we need yet another way to log in to Facebook in a way so similar to regular Facebook? Are we now so dependent on having to the second updates on our friends and family that we can’t possibly stand to go even a few minutes without knowing their every move and thought at every second they’re having them? When do we ever get any work done? or homework? Or real life conversations with real life human beings?

When you go out to dinner these days, you’ll see people at a table not conversing over dinner, but sitting on their phones texting and scanning the social media sites for information about what their friends and family are busy doing. People seem to want to know about what’s happening in people’s lives, but not by discussing it with them. They’d rather view the images on a computer or phone, and just text a message or write a comment under a picture. I miss real communication with real people. I wish we could go back to that some days.


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