Training school staffers with weapons to protect our children


It’s being tossed around the media that the NRA is suggesting we train and arm the staff at schools in order for them to protect our children in case of an emergency.  How do you feel about this?  As a Mother, I think it’s a wonderful and smart idea.  As a pro NRA female, I also think it’s wise to arm ourselves to protect one another from the growing trend of lunatics shooting up area schools, businesses, churches and movie theaters. 

If this is going to continue happening, and obviously it is, than I personally feel it’s better to be safe than sorry.  I’d rather feel protected than terrified.  I think if the staff at a grade school or high school is prepared and trained in protecting our children and their co-workers, it may discourage future attacks on our schools, and prevent mass carnage unlike what we’ve already witnessed with Columbine and Connecticut.  We need to stay current with the way the future is headed, and unfortunately, adults and children meaning to do harm with weapons seems to be an issue we are going to have to deal with-whether we like it or not.

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