Sometimes computers can SUCK!

So I’m trying to do all of my blogs for blog check day today, and I discover a problem.  BIG FAT SHOCK.  The only allowed types of files allowed for WordPress are: jpg, jpeg, png and gif (for image type files), and pdf, doc, ppt and odt (for document files), pptx, docx, pps and ppsx (for presentation files) and finally, xls and xlsx (for spreadsheets).

In order to upload sound clips (as required by the teacher) you apparently need something called a “space upgrade” which costs $20 for 10 GB.  Sorry, but since I’m an unemployed full time college student living off financial aid, this is NOT going to happen.  Just so you know!


About amie0208

Lover of all things PBR, PRCA, NFR and cowboy!
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