Final Cut Pro-Is there a beginner tutorial or book available???

I would PAY any amount of money to understand Final Cut Pro.  I’d sell my car just to have a beginner book.  Or be able to locate a tutorial in all of the web that will just show me a quick rundown of the BASICS of the program.  I realize it’s probably very simple, and I’m sure it is.  But I don’t understand how I’m supposed to figure out a software program without any book, manual, tutorial or notes.  I’ve been in the program about 20 times now, and I understand what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing.  But it’s the simple little things I need instruction on.  You have no idea how frustrating it is to not understand this software when everyone else does.  Did they take a class on it prior to coming into this class?  This is my first experience on a MAC, much less an audio editing software program.  I need a tutor.  At the very least, I need a guide-even a cheat sheet would be AWESOME.  Something.  Anything.  I’ve tried to find a Final Cut Pro for Dummies book-but as with every other book and tutorial on the web, they only cover intermediate to advanced information.  I nee the Kindergarten version.  I just want to understand the terminology and buttons in the program.  At this point, it’s not even about finishing my stupid assignment that’s now a week overdue.  I’m in school to learn about new things-not pay $12,000 a semester to teach myself.  Final Cut Pro is not good for my bad heart, my high blood pressure or my diabetes.  I’ve been to school for 8 plus hours a day for seven days in a row now, and I’m still no further on learning Final Cut Pro than when I started.  I do have some little tidbits of information that are helpful, but it’s like knowing the middle of the movie and not the beginning.  I feel like I’m learning about it in reverse-not from beginning to middle to end.  Hopefully, someone from the Apple store at West County Mall will have an old manual laying around or someone there can help me.  I’m going to be incredibly pissed if I have to spend a lot of money to buy a book when I’ve already paid Webster to learn the same thing.  My adviser should’ve mentioned the need to know Final Cut Pro prior to taking this class and I would’ve started there instead of trying to figure this out on my own.  The time I’m wasting on trying to figure it out has put me behind on all my other homework in my other four classes, so I haven’t been to bed before midnight in two weeks.  I WILL figure out how to use Final Cut Pro if it kills me-which, it’s starting to look like might happen.

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