Holy hotness, Ryan Lochte!! Good thing he’s cute!!

It’s a really good thing that Ryan is great looking, because I agree with the anchors-what are they going to get footage of for multiple episodes?  Seems he has a little bit of trouble in the communication department!!  I can’t really see this show taking off.  I’ve seen shows with more meat that weren’t successful, so I just don’t think this will be a winner for them.  Let’s hope he doesn’t quit his day job of being a swimmer!!!  Sheesh!!!

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Former Miami police spokesman lets his body do the talking – U.S. News

Former Miami police spokesman lets his body do the talking – U.S. News. This HAS to be one of the most UNCOMFORTABLE interviews a news reporter has to do!!!  Hats off to this former police man for being so comfortable with his body that at 60 years old, he is okay with posing nude for students.  But yikes-I was uncomfortable just watching this reporter stand in front of his naked body doing this segment!!

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F-bomb anchor: Watching viral clip ‘was gut-wrenching’ – TODAY Entertainment

F-bomb anchor: Watching viral clip ‘was gut-wrenching’ – TODAY Entertainment. So we’ve all seen the poor news anchor who on his first day live on air, drops a couple of cuss words.  Is this really such a big deal?  Isn’t there a delay that the station could’ve used to bleep it out?  We never would’ve known what he said if they’d used the bleep to cover it.  Then, this wouldn’t be that big of a deal.  Sure, his boss was rightly pissed, but since it could’ve been hidden, why not give the guy a break and cut him some slack?  I dropped an accidental f-bomb yesterday when I picked up my six-year old daughter and three neighbor kids from the bus stop, and the crazy lady who walks in our subdivision almost got hit by the school bus and several cars.  Why can’t this stupid woman use the damn sidewalk for the love of God????

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In my daughter’s brief 6 years of life so far….

As I sit and flip channels back and forth watching the news coverage of Watertown Massachusetts and the terrorist standoff, I started thinking of all the major events in history that she has been witness to (although at six isn’t capable of understanding the enormity of it all).   The list is as follows:

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Facebook Home app-Is it really necessary?

I was just reading about the new Facebook Home app that’s available, and it got me thinking. When we already have Facebook, and for that matter, every other social media application available to us, why do we need yet another way to log in to Facebook in a way so similar to regular Facebook? Are we now so dependent on having to the second updates on our friends and family that we can’t possibly stand to go even a few minutes without knowing their every move and thought at every second they’re having them? When do we ever get any work done? or homework? Or real life conversations with real life human beings?

When you go out to dinner these days, you’ll see people at a table not conversing over dinner, but sitting on their phones texting and scanning the social media sites for information about what their friends and family are busy doing. People seem to want to know about what’s happening in people’s lives, but not by discussing it with them. They’d rather view the images on a computer or phone, and just text a message or write a comment under a picture. I miss real communication with real people. I wish we could go back to that some days.

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My thoughts on gun control issues

First of all, let me start by saying I am completely PRO gun.  With that said, I don’t quite understand why the NRA and other gun owners are so opposed to expanded background checks.  You can still purchase weapons, and if you have nothing to hide, why would you oppose an expanded background check?

As a nation, we need to be proactive in doing all we can to prevent guns falling into the wrong hands.  I don’t see a problem with making it more difficult for straw purchasers to buy weapons to hand over to those who aren’t allowed by law to possess a weapon.  Why wouldn’t any law abiding citizen think this is a smart move?

And considering how many children have been lost to gun violence (as well as adults) in the past ten years, I would think any parent, aunt, uncle, cousin or sibling would WANT to ensure as many safeguards are in place as possible to prevent any further mass shootings at a school or movie theater or public location.  The nutjobs who are gaining access to weapons through family members homes, or who are allowed to own weapons even though they’re not mentally stable enough to keep a job is something we need to put the brakes on.

We must make some changes as soon as possible because we just can’t keep going on the way we have been.  Too much blood has been shed, and too many families have been torn apart.  When mass shootings happen, it doesn’t just happen to the victims and their families-it affects all of us, no matter how close or far away we are from the incident.

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Sometimes computers can SUCK!

So I’m trying to do all of my blogs for blog check day today, and I discover a problem.  BIG FAT SHOCK.  The only allowed types of files allowed for WordPress are: jpg, jpeg, png and gif (for image type files), and pdf, doc, ppt and odt (for document files), pptx, docx, pps and ppsx (for presentation files) and finally, xls and xlsx (for spreadsheets).

In order to upload sound clips (as required by the teacher) you apparently need something called a “space upgrade” which costs $20 for 10 GB.  Sorry, but since I’m an unemployed full time college student living off financial aid, this is NOT going to happen.  Just so you know!

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